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Make Retrogaming Great Again!

We totally understand it's going to be retrogaming first, but can we just say triple A second? No. It's third. After Indiegaming!
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Retro & Retrogaming is so great in germany! Believe me.

Retrogaming is the best gaming! Better than casual gaming. That’s true. There is a huge Retrogaming community, too. That’s you! Absolutely fantastic. So smart people. Many Events. So great! Actually it’s the best Retrogaming community in the world! Everyone says so.

We also had the greatest retro gamedev studios god ever created: Ascaron, BlueByte, Topware Interactive, Factor 5, and many more. It’s true! Great action games, great strategy games. Read more about new and old Retrogames in this terrific blog! Period.

Retro is so great. There are so many fantastic words with retro: Retroperitonealfibrose. I love Retro. And I love Retrogaming, too. I actually cried when I’ve got my first ATARI from Kaufhof. I absolutely love it. It’s retro today, but don’t ask for ROMs or Abandonware in Germany, OK? It’s bad. It has consequences. The Police will grab you by the pussy, so hard. That’s true. Your family will have to sing for your birthday five times in front of a jail. So sad. America has archive.org, we actually have the Urheberrechtsgesetz. And the BPJS. Everyone who calls it BPJM is Fake News. They’ve indexed great action Retrogames. And some Killerspiele. But Pussys are OK. Absolutely fantastic! We buy indexed games in austria. So great. We totally love it. Best wishes to austria.

And best wishes to the american triple-A-studios, too. They want us to pay several times for old games. So sad. But from this day forward it’s going to be only: Retrogaming first. Retro-gaming-first. And Indiegaming. We want to make Retrogaming great again. Period.

Make Retrogaming Great Again Artikelbild

Titelbild by GreenRanger. Great YouTuber. Great Retrogamer. Watch his Videos. Und danke an Jan Böhmermann für die Inspiration :-) Absolutely fantastic.

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